Welcome to Mental Fatigue .net! This site contains all the helpful information you need to know about mental fatigue – it’s symptoms and causes as well as techniques for reducing or freeing yourself from its effects.


Welcome to MentalFatigue.net – this site aims to help you understand what causes mental fatigue, what it’s symptoms are and what you can do to improve your lifestyle and working habits to help free yourself from its effects.

Mental fatigue is not an illness in itself, but is likely to be caused by lifestyle factors. The site is written from a non-medical perspective and offers a range of tips for you to try to make things better. Different things cause mental fatigue in different people, and so it is worth trying as many different techniques as possible in order to discover what will work best for you.

Most cases of mental fatigue have a simple explanation but if you feel that yours is not caused by any of these, please contact your physician who can help diagnose and treat the condition.